Call Out Statistics 2017

Total runs in 2017 - 962

Total mileage in 2017 - 71,278  miles 

Estimated* savings to the NHS in 2017 - £59,710

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Total monthly runs - 2017

Total monthly Mileage - 2017


Locations Delivered to - 2017

This is an ongoing total that is updated at the end of every month.


Days of the week runs are made on - 2017

This is an ongoing total that is updated at the end of every month.


*Estimated savings to the NHS compared with paid for transport

For an NHS Hospital member of staff to book in an urgent delivery in the early hours of the night with a Taxi or Motorcycle Courier company has a number of knock on/off effects:

  • Some Taxi and Courier companies charge the NHS for just being 'On Call'
  • The staff are taken away from their work to confirm directions and delivery times/locations (These are logistics that SERV riders/drivers know, and are pre loaded into their SatNavs)
  • Private delivery firms don't carry spill kits. SERV Wessex members are fully trained to use these.
  • It costs the NHS approximately £2 a mile. SERV do this for free.

(these cost savings are based on just the 'Pick up to Delivery' point - The true costs in terms of fuel for our riders/drivers are three times as much to get from home to collection, then back from delivery to home to be under the comfy duvet)

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