Whilst SERV Wessex is predominantly a motorcycle based service we also require car drivers.

Drivers using their own vehicle

Volunteers that drive for us must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must hold a full unrestricted UK driving licence (for 2 or more years) and have no more than 6 points on that licence.
  2. All drivers MUST hold a current Advanced qualification (ROSPA Gold/Silver, IAM, or suitable qualified Emergency Services Driver), which has been obtained or renewed within the past three years and must have up to date membership of that organisation.
  3. You must also undertake a reassessment of your driving skills every 3 years, by a suitably qualified person and present your certificate to the secretary. This can be provided by our in-house assessor. If a RoSPA holder you must re-do your test and maintain your membership of RoSPA
  4. Must be willing to carry out a minimum of 3 duties per month across the whole of the Wessex region. Our longest routes are about 100 miles each way but we do try to operate internal handovers to keep times and costs to a minimum.
  5. Complete a one-day training course comprising both theory and a familiarisation drive to the local hospitals. Further training drives to the other hospitals take place regularly.
  6. Have access to a serviceable, reliable, and road legal car suitable for the task of blood running and have the required insurance cover.
  7. Must live within 45 minutes of University Hospital Southampton in moderate traffic.

Drivers using SERV Wessex Vehicles

As well as the above

  1. Must be aged over 25 years (for insurance purposes).
  2. You must complete 10 duties and complete a minimum of 10 jobs in your own vehicle prior to using the SERV Wessex vehicle.
  3. Must not have more than 6 penalty points. If you do have any penalty points you will need to disclose the offence code for the points incurred.
  4. Must be willing to carry out a minimum of 3 consecutive duties per month across the whole of the Wessex region.
  5. If the driver no longer complies with the above requirements they must immediately notify the Secretary (or in their absence another committee member).

Please contact us for more information.